Looking to buy a viking/saxon sword

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Looking to buy a viking/saxon sword

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Hi all, I`m wanting to buy a viking/saxon blunt sword for re-enactment so must be durable rather than pretty. It`s my first sword as only recently into re-enacment so I dont want anything too highly priced.

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Re: Looking to buy a viking/saxon sword

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Most of mine are from Armourclass in Glasgow. Many people will recommend Paul Binns as well. There are some nice one available through 'Merchant of Menace'. The one problem will be if they have any in stock and, if not, how long it will be until they have.
You could always learn to play with a hand axe - just as much fun and a lot cheaper.......... Or a one handed spear and shield, cheaper still......... depends which group you are with.......
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