Please Read: Advertising real or replica firearms for sale

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Please Read: Advertising real or replica firearms for sale

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Advertising real or replica firearms for sale on the forum.

There are legal restrictions on selling real or replica firearms. For this reason any proposed advert should be sent to a moderator first for approval. You can click on the blue word 'moderators' just below a thread title to get a list of moderators.

Once posted, the thread will be locked and any discussions should be carried out by private message.

The categories of firearms this applies to are:

Shotguns: 'Real' Smoothbore weapons such as muskets with a bore less than 2" and a barrel over 24" long from touch-hole to muzzle. These can generally be sold to anyone with a shotgun certificate, and have to be exchanged in person with sight of the other person's licenses

Section 1: 'Real' Weapons such as pistols or rifles. These can be sold to someone with a firearms certificate that has an empty position on it for that precise type of firearm.

'Realistic Replicas': Realistic replica firearms are legal to own, but can only legally be sold under certain conditions. They should only be offered for sale here to re-enactors who re-enact the area relevant to that firearm, and can prove it, by showing that they have insurance to do so.

Deactivated firearms: Firearms which have been deactivated and are certified/ marked as such by a proof house can be sold without restriction, however the advert should still be checked by a moderator. Also note that both deactivated firearms and replicas can only be carried with a valid defence so it's advisable to carry your membership and or insurance details.

'Convertable replicas' Some replica guns can be converted into useable firearms such as some older good quality flintlock replica pistols, which would only need the touch-hole drilling to be usable. Due to changes in the law these are illegal to hold or transfer, and should NOT be offered for sale here.

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Re: Please Read: Advertising real or replica firearms for sa

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The above rules also apply to weapons wanted as in these threads will also be locked and the supplier should contact the buyer by PM