looking for Group to Join.

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looking for Group to Join.

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Having worked in Heritage Education prior to my travels overseas i'm keen to get back into living history now i've returned and potentially find work in the same field.[https://youtu.be/X6wQeG9VV8c]
Anything in Herts or home counties you think might interest me, please fire my way.
i'm not fussed about the era, but would like to use what skills and kit i already poese.

Prehistory-early renaissance.
[*]retaining such equipment as Celtic Anthropomorphic Dagger Roman Gladius, Great Sword and Iron+stone age costume and renaissance lute.
[*]skills include: Longsword, Archery, Bushcraft, Natural horsemanship, Friction firelighting and folk music.
Thanks guys.

Times Past
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Re: looking for Group to Join.

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Would you be interested in becoming a printer with my group Times Past? See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nlrUuo ... e=youtu.be.

Claire Eastwood

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