Looking for 15c group around Suffolk/East anglia

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Looking for 15c group around Suffolk/East anglia

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Evening all.
After a four year break from doing living history I am looking at hopefully joining a group and getting to do more events again. Being out of the know recently I'm unaware if any new group have started in the area or even if there are some group I am unaware of. Ideally I'd like to be able to find a group which is mainly living history as a pose to military and focuses on the fifteenth century.
Im also interested in the sixteenth century so have considerd kentwell , this is very close to me the only thing putting me off is that I have no sixteenth century gear and would be worried about being able to source all the correct clothing in a short space of time.
Another group that I'm very interested in is destrier and possibly joining as "ground crew" , medieval pageants are an area I haven't yet explored and horsemanship are an area I've not explored yet.
Thankyou in advance for any comments and help !

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