North East Groups?

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North East Groups?

Post by dan_vasey »

Feeling a little lonely up here; beyond a couple cells of national associations there seems to be very few reenactors. Am I just being blind?
Preferably early medieval as I do myself, but always looking to know what else is out there. When/if I get some pennies saved up I'm more than up for dipping my feet into another period (quite possibly Roman if there's any local??)

Figured I'd give out a shout to the void and see if anyone shouts back! :-)

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Re: North East Groups?

Post by squamatus »

There's some Romans about. We've got some members over near you, and we're working on expanding in that direction at the moment. There's also Roma Antica based out of Binchester, I believe. Like all groups, it depends what you're after!
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Re: North East Groups?

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Might be worth your while going to the re-enactors fair at Brancepeth Castle at the end of October to meet other interested parties.
I'm just myself these days, and mostly do talks rather than full living history displays.
Locally, there's Regia's Sancte Cuthbert's Land and the Vike's Dunholm group for your period of interest.

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