Slippy soles

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Slippy soles

Post by caroline »


I have some lovely new boots but the soles are leather and they are very there anything I can do to make them less it just a case of doing the school run in them, etc

Thanks for any suggestions

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Post by Shadowcat »

In the dark ages when I was a gel my grandfather used to score the soles with a sharp knife, criss-cross fashion, and as far as I know it works. (If I fell over it was usually 'cos I was, and am clumsy!) You could also get your local cobbler - not the sort that is cheap and cheerful, but a mender of shoes - to put a non-slip sole on them. Save them wearing out too.


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Post by Tuppence »

the scoring with a knife thing is whats still recommended for bridal shoes

that and sandpaper.

but doing the school run works too.

they'll still be slippy on grass though, esp when wet.

thank heaven for no more of that hill at kirby!!
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Post by craig1459 »

Are these authenti-boots?

I've been told I can put strips of leather across the sole to create grip
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Post by Kajte »

Someone told me that cutting a raw potato in half and rubbing the cut side accross new leather soles works, but i have never tried it!


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Post by Ace Rimmer »

Hob Nails?
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Post by Frances Perry »

Hi There,

Yeah, leather soles can be a bit of a b**ger for being very slippery. Recently got some boots from GDFB with hobnails in them and they are very good for gripping on grass - but slippery as the original soles on wood floors and concrete!

A couple of the guys at sword-fighting have knotted leather thonging round their boots - firstly a ring round the foot, and then knotted pieces lashed across the soles. I have been told that this type of grip was actually illustrated in documents as an authentic method of gripping, but don't quote me on that!!

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Post by Cat »

the knotted thonging works, but can be uncomfortable unless you have very thick soles. I'd go with the slashing with a stanley knife method. You get biscuits and everything.
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Post by DomT »

I have provenance of the bits of 'something' that might be thonging tied uder the shoes for grip. Agreed though it can be uncomfortable.

Le Prevo sells hobnails if anyone needs any. They do make walking on concrete or tarmac a good comedy moment for eveyone else but work a treat on grass as previously mentioned.
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Post by StaffordCleggy »

From the treatise "How a man shall be armed at his ease when he shall fight on foot" :-

'..Also a pair of shoes of thick cordwine and they must be fret with small whipcord, three knots upon a cord and three cords must be fast sewn onto the heel of the shoe, and fine cords in the middle of the sole of the same shoe, and that there be between the frets of the heel and the frets of the middle of the shoe the space of three fingers.'

Admittedly, this is for combat, not necessarily civilian/everyday wear. As has been mentioned, i would imagine it can be somewhat uncomfortable after a while...

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Post by caroline »

Cheers folks...they are for combat.

Thanks for the ideas.

Hobnails...not sure if I should do that to the church floor :? :)

I'll try the school run first (everyone up there thinks I'm a bit bizarre anyway!) and the scoring and knotting afterwards if thats not enough :)

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Post by Lady Cecily »

cutting criss-cross paterns in soles is found on the soles found in York.

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Post by Wim-Jaap »

I've got the same problem, but my shoe's are single soled... the shoe is one piece of leather of 4 mm thick leather.
If I score the sole, i think it might ruin my shoes.
How would you go about this matter?

greenthings Wim-Jaap
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Post by Nigel »

I just wear em in

none of my boots for any period are hobbed and I very rarely experience probs with em
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Post by Drachelis »

Doing the twist on a concrete surface always works for me.

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Post by Gyrthofhwicce »

caroline wrote:Cheers folks...they are for combat.

Thanks for the ideas.

Hobnails...not sure if I should do that to the church floor :? :)

I'll try the school run first (everyone up there thinks I'm a bit bizarre anyway!) and the scoring and knotting afterwards if thats not enough :)
Strips of 1" wide, thickish leather across the soles works a treat, and can be glued on very easily.
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Post by m300572 »

Hob Nails?
Prevent slipping on soft surfaces (grass, ball room floors :shock: ) but can be lethally slippery on flagstone or concrete (lethal in the tale of the centurion at the Seige of Jerusalem who slipped and fell as a result of wearing hobnailed sandals on a flagged courtyard surface and was killed while still on the floor - falling down stairs in a castle could equally spoil your day!)

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