WW1 brass shoulder regimental name badges

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WW1 brass shoulder regimental name badges

Post by Devonboynot »

I am new to this period and am creating a new costume. On GS jacket I need to affix brass regimental name badges. These have small loops on the backs. Should these be sewn to the surface of the jacket or pushed through the sleeve and stitched from the inside.
Secondly am I right in assuming these should be affixed centrally on the sleeve just below the shoulder point seam? ( where the shoulder straps are anchored )

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Re: WW1 brass shoulder regimental name badges

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If those are regular brass shoulder titles you are talking about, then they are usually worn on the epaulette, not the sleeve. They wouldn't be stitched on, but holes pierced through the material and then usually fixed in place with a split pin or similar on the underside as they would need to be easily removable for frequent polishing. Sometimes shaped backing pieces or simplified grills would be used to help prevent the titles being accidentally pulled through the material:

http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/attachmen ... ct0018.jpg

https://www.hobbyswoodmilitaria.co.uk/e ... 3571-p.jpg
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