Random request by an ugly American...

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Random request by an ugly American...

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I'm new to living history, although I've admired it since I was a child and our parents took me and my kid brother to Williamsburg, Virginia where it's a way of life.

I’m a Scoutmaster, and some of my friends and I are starting a Venturing Crew here to establish a living history program that will present an impression of a Senior Scout Outfit circa 1948.

(I won’t bore you with too much detail, but an Outfit was a unit like a Pack or a Troop, for older boys who were a mix of participants in the four Senior Scouting programs: Explorer Scouts, Air Scouts, Sea Scouts, and Rover Scouts. Each had a distinctive uniform and a top advancement goal that was considered equivalent to our Eagle Scout Award: Rangers, Aces, Quartermasters, and Ramblers, respectively.)

Our hope, is that if we do a good job with our initial presentations then we’ll be able to present at events like the world jamboree and national jamborees, and we’ll see new groups sprouting up around the country. This could turn in into a nice opportunity for the right tailors.

Getting reproduction insignia made is a piece of cake. Equipment we’ll make by hand, but uniforms are tougher. We don’t know any good tailors who appreciate the whole living history sensibility, especially in making reproductions as detailed as possible without bankrupting us.

As an experiment, I want to commission myself a Scoutmaster’s uniform to wear to my Honor Medal presentation. (I was awarded two Honor Medals for lifesaving, which is a big deal. No one has received that award twice since Arthur Eldred, the first Eagle Scout, over a hundred years ago. The presentation will get a lot of attention in Scouting circles, and I’d love it of wearing the vintage-style uniform to get buzz going about the living history Outfit.)

The original uniform would have resembled a USMC officer’s service uniform: a four-button, single-breasted, belted tunic, with four patch pockets; matching tie; matching trousers; and campaign hat. It would not need epaulets.

(http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... 93-002.jpg)

I’m working now to source the fabric. I have original pieces to work from in terms of developing a pattern, but if you had to pick a tailor to work with, and you couldn’t travel to his location, who would your reach out to?

Many thanks to anyone who read this far. Seriously. If brevity is the soul of wit, then clearly I’m not especially funny.

All the best,


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