Henri's Coat of Arms

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Henri's Coat of Arms

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The reason that I was so interested in the books being sold earlier on is that one of them was about how to design a coat of arms having come to a conclusion sometime ago that as Henri is the son of a peer of the realm then he really should have one and therefore (with help from that book) and some examples of coats of arms have come up with a suggestion that I would like people's thoughts on. First the shield:

According to the book, shields in the 17th century were slightly going out of fashion for heraldry, so I have decided to go old-school and have a traditional shield as seen in the 14th century and have it quartered. In the dexter chief section I was thinking having a dragon (because Henri is Welsh) and in the sinister chief section, the emblem of Ceredigion (where he comes from) which if you are wondering is a rampant lion


For the dexter base, I will admit I had a rather tricky time for this but then yesterday when they unveiled the plaque for Jo Cox MP yesterday in the Commons I was really rather taken by the flowers, so therefore opted for a daffodil (the traditional flower of Wales) for that section and a leek for the sinister base section.

Next comes the supporters and as Henri is meant to be supporting both the Duke of Buckingham and the Queen of France, it makes sense for the dexter supporter to be the dexter supporter of the Duke of Buckingham's coat of arms and the sinister supporter to be the sinister supporter for Queen Anne's of Austria's coat of arms, but have not been able to find a picture of either (so any help there would be very welcome).

As Henri is the only son of this peer, there will of course be labelling on the top of the shield, but I am not entirely sold on the idea of a helmet on top of that as well (but will be guided by those with more knowledge than me on the matter).

Which brings us to the matter of the motto. Now my first choice was "In omni loco" which is "By all means" in Latin which is what I say most of the time when anyone asks me to do anything, but it then occurred to me that as Henri is being asked to become a Musketeer, it would be far better to translate their motto into Latin which comes out as "Unus pro omnibus, et omnes pro uno" but I can't help wonder if that's a little long winded for a coat of arms.

Anyway, that's my thoughts and would very much appreciate other member's opinions.

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