Jorvik Viking Festival Markets

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Jorvik Viking Festival Markets

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It would be very helpful if traders who are going to be attending this event could inform us where they are likely to be situated. Couldn't find people/things I was looking for in Feb only to be told afterwards they were in another venue, not the unsatisfactory marquees with queues to get in and a crush inside so no chance to browse properly.
Some of us appreciate markets in the north, but we're not going to turn out if we don't know where you are and what you're selling.
Brancepeth Castle market is a great loss but there was no local publicity at all for the last one. The regular craft fairs there have hoardings out weeks in advance, ads in local press, flyers etc and so are heaving with punters. Those of us who don't engage with social media appear to be forgotten. If you want our dosh, we need to be kept informed too - through this website, for example.

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