Food Business Registration and the Law

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Food Business Registration and the Law

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I am a food Historian and whilst I have written a number of books and delivered demonstrations etc. I have not actually worked in a capacity where you re-enact recipes with a group of people, who can then eat what they have made as part of a workshop - or provide food I have prepared myself for the group to eat as part of a demonstration.
It seems the law is very vague on this.
Could someone please clarify for me - If we wanted to deliver, say 15 outdoor historic food courses a year, to small groups of around 10 people, would we need to be inspected? The cookery courses/demonstrations would take place on private land outdoors. I think any inspector would have difficulty passing judgement on using old artifacts with which to cook, using traditional methods. Obviously there are glaring hygiene issues. Could you ask participants just to sign a disclaimer and rely on liability insurance, or would we have to apply for licenses/official food business registration? I have a certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene.
Any clarification on this at all would be most welcomed!!
Much thanks.

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