10 century cooking

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10 century cooking

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Hey I'm new to the 10th century, does anyone know any good resources, for researching the cooking style and diet of that time.

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Re: 10 century cooking

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One place to start would be ingredients. This is a very good study of foodstuffs in Britain by period, based on archaeological finds - although not everything has left its mark in the record (onions, for example, ought to be in the list but are not). Bear in mind also that certain parts of the country were under Scandinavian influence and certain foods might have been limited to those areas:

http://nvg.org.au/documents/other/arche ... l_food.pdf

There is also Anne Hagen's excellent book Anglo-Saxon Food and Drink: Production, Processing, Distribution and Consumption, available from Amazon and elsewhere.
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Re: 10 century cooking

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There was a programme on Radio 4 some time ago about a Scandinavian cook book which gave recipes for puffins etc. Presumably they'd have eaten pretty much anything. Mind you, I do remember a conversation in the early 80s with an elderly chap, good old Norfolk boy, who could remember his mother making sparrow dumplings

English Heritage publish a range of period cook books

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