Spinning - useful book

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Spinning - useful book

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The book I wish I'd had when I first learned to spin - Creative Spinning, Alison Daykin and Jane Deane, gaia books. The nearest thing to a ladybird book of how to spin. Located in a library at 746.12

Please be aware, spinning is highly addictive and involves taking over either a spare bedroom or a complete garden shed. Before you know where you are you'll be joining the Guild and talking endlessly about the properrties of different types of fleece....

Incidentally, is anyone tight enough about authenticity to worry about which breed of fleece they're using? For any early period spinners there is a soay sheep association who could probably put you inn touch with soay people, unless you live close enough to Flag Fen or Tintagel to acquire some of their fleeces

When I present mops with anything made from Hebridean or Norfolk horn they usually moan about how tough the wool is.

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