Buying from abattoirs

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Buying from abattoirs

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Very helpful reply from the people I asked about the regulations re buying from abattoirs. Thought this might be of use to anyone wishing to buy skin, bone or horn.

There is a derogation, which allows you to use animal by-products (ABP) for educational purposes, without the need to register under the ABP Regulations, providing that you prevent the use of that ABP for any other purpose and dispose of the ABP safely, or re-dispatch it to the place of origin, if appropriate.

Goat skin from an abattoir is likely to be considered as a Category 3 ABP and will need to be sent to you with a commercial document, in a leak-proof container and labelled as Category 3 material, not for human consumption. You will need to keep the commercial document for at least 2 years.

If you require any further advice please contact the APHA at: ... south-east.

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