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Chris Dart
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Learning History

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This is my first post in this forum. I am sorry if this question has been asked and answered already. I love learning about history (anything pre 1700) and read/ watch as much as I can.

Does anyone know of any good home learning courses to take my interest to the next level. I studied history back when I was at school for A Level and wish I studied it at Uni. Unfortunately I work shifts including nights so it makes going to evening and weekend courses impossible.

If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know.


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Re: Learning History

Post by FionaDowson »

Threre are things called MOOC courses which are free - type in mooc and see what you come up with

Personally I just cheat and watch stuff on you tube - most old BBC programmes seem to be on there. For dark ages type in Michael Wood. There's also a very good Terry Jones series.

The difficulty I find is filling in the gap between uni level stuff and the Philippa Gregory approach.

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