Canvas Cleaning?!

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Chaucers Closet
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Canvas Cleaning?!

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Hello guys. Have just taken my tent out the shed to get it ready for an event this weekend. And found a bloody great hole in the roof where it must of been leaking for some time as my tent is soaked right through. :thumbdown: Fortunetly its not rotten but its an unhealthy black colour in places with lots of mildew and mold. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning it?


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steven pole
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Re: Canvas Cleaning?!

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Hi there.
First I would kill the mildew with white vinegar and scub it with it too. Next I would use a solution of a product called OXI to remove the stain a bit more if not completely. Give it a good rince with warm water after. I've used this on many canvas bags that have got dirty and have had mildew.
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m. demetrius
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Re: Canvas Cleaning?!

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Panther Primitives (US tent manufacturer) recommends diluted bottled lemon juice to kill the mildew, but white vinegar should work also. Bad luck on the tent. That's a bother, and the mildew is gradually digesting the cloth. Whatsoever thing ye do, do thou quickly.
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Re: Canvas Cleaning?!

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When we got our tent, it had been left at the bottom of the garden and had rotted through in a couple of places and was badly mildew stained in others.

I scrubbed it while it was up, fortunately the bad patches were reachable, with vanish oxi action and then once dry and patched, I stuck patches on on the inside with copydex and then sewed around the edges of the patch to hold it more securely, We coated it with fabsil. That was around 6 years ago and the patches are beginning to need regluing.

We never got rid of the stains though.

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Kernow Levy
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Re: Canvas Cleaning?!

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Do any of the above remadies affect coloured canvas (in this case yellow and black), if so, any suggestions for coloured canvas?
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