The McKeown Thesis - help!?

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The McKeown Thesis - help!?

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I am doing research on the McKeown thesis which explains why people lived longer during the 1700's. Basically I want to know if this is correct:

He said it was because as capitalism matured, people earned more money which meant improved nutrition - leading to less diseases.

This thesis was done in the 1970's and was revolutionary in going against the grain; that medicine was the reason why the death rate dropped.

However, there is a key critique by Szreter who said that actually hygiene was key in keeping people healthy.

So, have I got it right that basically McKeown's argument is that money and nutrition helped death rates drop, and the critique is actually sanitation was key?

Also are there any key critiques of McKeown that I need to know of? Any views would be great, thanks.

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