The Lilburnes

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The Lilburnes

Post by Foxe »

Anyone out there know if Robert Lilburne the civil war Parliamentarian and regicide had any children. More specifically does anyone know if the Robert Lilburne who was later Governor of the Bahamas was any relation to any of the famous leveller Lilburnes?
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Re: The Lilburnes

Post by Strafford »

John Lilburne was far better known. He called Cromwell 'My once bosom friend', on account of the fact that Cromwell didn't like Communism or Republicanism John Lilburne was a good soldier, and, when told to leave Tockwith Castle alone by the Earl of Manchester at Marston Moor, ignored the order, called out the castle and found a gold mine of royalist supplies. That underlines Cromwell's accusation the Manchester wasn't serious about prosecutiong the Civil War. Robert Lilburn comes into my view at Edinburgh. Monck left him in charge when Monck became 'General at Sea'. He wasn't very goood at Governing! Prior to that Robert was successful against the Earl of Derby when Charlie II came into England to have his bum kicked at Worcester.
I'm resurrecting this post because I really like the Lilburnes, even though I always picture John Lilburne as Eric Idle in Monty Python. It should also be noted that that 'Leveller' had made a fortune by writing tracts, having them printed in Holland and selling them for a penny a piece. That Leveller was so levelled that he could afford 'rooms' when in Gaol and had free access, much of the time to his friends who would smuggle out his writings to keep the business running.
When St Paul was due to be punished as a Jew, he stood upon his Roman Citizenship and his right to a trial.
John Lilburn, the Leveller was always keen to point out that he was a 'born gentleman', descendant of John of Freeburn (Circa 1200 ish) and should not be treated as a commoner.
At the same time, it was amazing how many 'Republicans' held on to the 'Sir' in their titles.

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