Women at events

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Women at events

Post by festering »

Hi All,

My fiance and I are intending on joining the MSS but Karen wants to know more about the sort of things that the women folk get up to during events. We are interested in living history and the men at arms and well everything really.

So does anyone have any advice?


Billy & Karen
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Re: Women at events

Post by kate/bob »

A good starting point might be to think what she enjoys doing and then see if there's a muddyevil equivalent. For example, I enjoy knitting and sewing in real life and this has lead to learning about 15th century sewing and other hand crafts such as braiding, weaving, dyeing. Some of my friends enjoy cooking and are now very knowledgable about 15th c receipes and techniques.

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Re: Women at events

Post by matilda »

I'd also suggest talking to the MSS, if thats the group you're interested in,
I'm sure they've got guidelines.
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Re: Women at events

Post by the real lord duvet »

during the day its non stop cleaning and drudgery
But come evening its a massive swingers party, don't believe anthony when he tries to claim otherwise..........

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Re: Women at events

Post by Marcus Woodhouse »

That's all very well Andy but what do the wemen get up to.

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Re: Women at events

Post by Laffin Jon Terris »

Is there anything specific you wanted to do living history wise?

If you have a particular interest already there will most likely be someone who could point you in the right direction. If you don't have an idea what you'd like to do then just come along and chat to people and see if anything takes your interest!

There are plenty of folks doing interesting Living History demos within the MSS, and they're all happy to talk to interested people- its getting some of them to stop that is the problem!
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