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Share your knowledge!

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Hi All,

I'm a researcher looking into living history reenactment with an eye on future television shows, but I’m not all that sharp on History so I’ve hopefully come to the place where people do and am reaching out for assistance!

I will be posting a message in all of the other age specific groups so if you know your Romans and Vikings better please help me out there too!

I am interested in Big Living History events and trying to work out what sort of things go on at these events. Also if you know of the biggest events in each time period please let me know!

I guess I’m looking for the top 10 events/ actions/ or practices of each time period
especially those which are different from other periods for example are the Romans and Greeks remarkably similar when it comes to reenactment if not why not?

Please spare me a moment of your time and share your knowledge to help me out I will look forwards to reading your replies, moderators come on you guys know this stuff inside out right?!


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