Accomodation available for Group gatherings

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Accomodation available for Group gatherings

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Dear All

I am managing a Basecamp and holiday cottage in South Shropshire near Bridgnorth. Out in the countryside it has lots of outdoor space for additional camping or camper vans, a meeting room and even room for a bit of sword practice if required!

I reckon it is a good venue for winter meet ups so thought I would blatantly offer it up on the forum.
Already used by some local Vikings!

The bunkhouse sleeps 20 and the cottage 10 (the latter in rather luxurious surroundings!) They are joined by an interconnecting door and can be booked together or separetly.

Rates from £120 per night for the bunkhouse...10% discount if you mention Living History

All enquires to 01746 780838. Have a quick look on
(piccy is right at the bottom of the webpage)

Warm and cozy with good cooking facilites...

If you're planning a campfire let me know...might come and join you!

All best

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