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Share your knowledge - Explained!

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Thankyou very much to those who have messaged me

I don't think i structured my request very well!

I'm trying to find out a little of what i could expect at some of the reenactment events. There are a lot of them and i don't have time to visit them all and want to be able to give 5-6 bullet points of what i might expect at some of the events.

I have broken it doen into some large historical periods or peoples and would ideally be able to put together 6 bullet points of what i might see at an event from this period i am aware that there is a great deal of specific groups which would fall within one of these events and that is ok. (anything at all would be a great help) If you have time and expertise in any of the below please PM me with some bullet points or reply!

The headings i've chosen are
DARK AGES:(medieval)

If you could suggest any bullet points as to what to expect at an event falling in one of these headings it would be greatfully appriciated. Please pass this on to anyone you think may be able to help.

The sort of events i would be interested in are the ones where people spend a few days living as they would have done, residential if you like.


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