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16thc books for sale

Postby Tamsin Lewis » Tue Nov 28, 2006 11:06 am

We are amalgamating our book collections and getting rid of duplicates so the following books are for sale:

Sydney Anglo: Images of Tudor Kingship. Seaby 1992 paperback £10

Lee Miller: Roanoake – England’s lost colony. Jonathan Cape 2000, paperback £10

(Edited by) David Starkey: Lives and letters of the great Tudor dynasties: Rivals in Power. Macmillan 1990, hardback £12.50

Liz Smith: The King’s English – 17thC words and phrases Partizan Press, enlarged 2nd edition £3

Thomas Kyd: The Spanish Tragedy. Scolar Press – facsimile of 1592 edition. Hardback. £10

William Shakespeare: Venus and Adonis. Scolar Press – facsimile of 1593 edition. Paperback. £10

Dryden: All for love. Scolar Press – facsimile of 1678 edition. Hardback. £10

Gamini Salgado: The Elizabethan Underworld Dent, 1977, hardback £5

Christina Hole: British Folk Customs. BCA 1976, hardback £5

Alan Haynes: Sex in Elizabethan England. Wren park, 1999, hardback £7

John Peacock: Costume 1066-1990s. T&H paperback £5

Ian Fenlon: Man & Music - The Renaissance, 1470s to the end of the 16th Century. Macmillan 1989 paperback £5

Bertrand T Whitehead: Brags and boasts – propaganda in the year of the Armada
Alan Sutton, 1994 hardback £10

Chris Meads: Elizabethan Humour. Robert Hale, 1995 hardback £3

Michael Cavendish: 14 Ayres in Tabletorie to the Lute, 6 more to 4 voyces and in Tabletorie, 8 Madrigals to 5 voyces. Facsimile of 1598 edtion £10

Will probably add £2.50 p&p per book (less for multiple purchases)

pm me if interested


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