Disabled ex-reenactor looking for help

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Disabled ex-reenactor looking for help

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I am a disabled father of four active children aged from 9 to 19. Due to several health problems, I had o give up reenacting (Late C.14) a few years ago and I also had to give up cycling about 8 years ago as Rheumatoid-, Oesteo-, and Psoriatic Arthritis (plus a few other conditions) meant on a standard bike the pain was too great. I now use a wheelchair when outdoors and walk with a stick indoors.

Having taken advice from my Rheumatology Team and other disabled people I have been recommended that I should be able to return to the saddle on a recumbent trike. So I have tried one and I can ride one, now I am trying to raise enough money to buy one, as my income is limited I have opened up a go fund me appeal here https://www.gofundme.com/recumbent-trik ... sabled-dad

This will benefit my whole family, my children (of whom two are autistic) will be able to join me outdoors on our local cycle paths, I get to spend more quality time with my children and family, the exercise will improve my joints, and it will allow me to get fit again and lose the weight I have put on since I was forced to give up riding a conventional bike.

I had been a dedicated cyclist before my arthritis struck and miss it terribly, however, now my children are older they want to go out cycling and I would love to be able to join them. In the past, I used to cycle 9 miles each way to work and would spend weekends exploring cycle paths and canal paths over long distances.

Ideally, I would hope I could raise the money for a trike by the Autumn of 2019, but realistically by Spring/Summer 2020 will easily satisfy me, I would be so grateful for however little anyone could donate to allow me to be able to spend great outdoor times with my family.

Thank you all,


https://www.gofundme.com/recumbent-trik ... sabled-dad
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