Rivets / Brass for a splinted tasses/greaves/arms

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Rivets / Brass for a splinted tasses/greaves/arms

Post by I Am Actually A Hero »

Dear All,

I have spent a fair amount of time on Google trying to locate brass rivets suitable for attaching 16ga high carbon steel to 4mm hide. Why brass? I prefer the look of brass to steel.
However, despite the power of t'interweb, I have drawn a blank.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier of solid round head rivets - I think I need 3/8" dia shaft by 1/4" long ones. I need around 200.

If anyone is more knowlegable about these things than me (not difficult) feel free to enlighten me to the correct sizers I actually need! :crazy:

Many thanks

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Re: Rivets / Brass for a splinted tasses/greaves/arms

Post by Merlon. »

Try http://www.sapphireproducts.co.uk/solid.htm
I don't do armour - not my period - but your sizes seem completely wrong.
1/4" rivets are not long enough they would barely go through the leather and steel.
Look at the diagrams on the website to make sure you understand the sizing.
Make sure you are sitting down when you work out the price...

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Re: Rivets / Brass for a splinted tasses/greaves/arms

Post by The Iron Dwarf »

have lots of odd rivets in several metals inc brass, 3/8 diameter I think is too big, 3/16 is probably more like it.
I have some round head and lots of small flat head.

3/8 rivets would have a head diameter of just under 3/4"

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Re: Rivets / Brass for a splinted tasses/greaves/arms

Post by Mark Griffin »

Haven't looked at your sizes but no self respecting medieval armourer would have ever used brass where it mattered. Indeed there are specific ordinances against it. Any brass ones you see will be later replacements or brass capped steel ones that were orginally gilded or in some later, post 16th cent armourers, there for decoration. And even those may have been gilded but I haven't seen info on the ones I'm thinking of.
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