Experienced fighter looking for a society

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Experienced fighter looking for a society

Post by Ajax »

Hi there,

Will try to make a post in a short and saturated manner (mini CV if you wish):

Name: Alex
Age: 27
Fighting Experience: 2000-2006
Attended some major events (with rated tournaments) across Russia ( e.g. Vyborg Castle, Russia 2004 and 2005 which included approximatelly 350-400 fighters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X4mjz1j_eE (im the guy in the very middle, 1st row on the right hand side, with Blue/White shield)

Participated in many 1v1 tourneys (in shield/sword category), within the most glorious is the 1st place in South Russia's region tournament (no weight restrictions, shield/sword category, about 20 nominants). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4ivb285syg (not the one I've participated, but the video illustrates what I mean)

The events were in a style of Battle of the Nations. In other words full combat contact, full armor, adrenalin over the limit, etc.

I am looking for
Clubs/Fighters who is training with full contact (Battle of the Nations rules) who focuses 1v1 technique development and also melee group fights (battle formations, middle of the fight orientation, etc.). I have resources (time, finance) to quickly assemble the gear and practice often. Got transport to cover some distances from London (which is my current location).

I was also a captain in my previous club and got experince of organising events, training days, crafting armour.

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Re: Experienced fighter looking for a society

Post by Caithlinn »

Hi Alex,

Great to hear from you. It would be great if we could make use of your experience at Battle of the Nations.

Could you please register at http://battleofthenations.org/ so we can keep you in the loop? There is also a Facebook group

I am based in Reading and we have a training group in Basingstoke which may be a bit of a travel for you on a weeknight. I am not sure of any groups that currently exist in London that will give you the sort of fighting you are used to. Most of the guys wanting to go to BotN here in the UK are spread all over from Scotland, down to Wales and scattered all over England as well. I am not sure, but I think I might be the nearest to you so far.

I'm not sure if you are aware, but we have an open invitation to attend the Tournee Du Falcon Noir near Tours at the end of October (not sure if nominations have closed for this one in the 1v1 - you might still get a berth in one of the 5v5 teams though), and one of the German BotN teams is running an event at the end of November in Bernau just outside Berlin. I am hoping to attend both so any training in the meantime would be great. My full contact kit is hopefully arriving in mid-October. I am trying to avoid training in my mild steel stuff as it is too soft and at 1.6mm slightly too thin for full contact with that quality metal.


Martin (currently using the wife's account!)
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Ayliffe's Steve
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Re: Experienced fighter looking for a society

Post by Ayliffe's Steve »

Hi Alex,

You are welcome to come to our steel group (the one Martin mentioned in Basingstoke) but you might find the sca group closer to what you are looking for (full contact, full speed competitive combat) the difference is that there is no grappling and they use tournament battons rather than steel swords.

Our Basingstoke group allows a wide range of styles but the eastern European full contact tournaments with grappling, shield strikes etc is not really practiced in the uk. Although we are looking to field a botn team within the next year or two so any input you can give for that would be very welcome!!!
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Re: Experienced fighter looking for a society

Post by Noel »

As an alternative to reenactment steel or SCA, there are a few HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) groups around - perhaps not 'full' contact, but who do go in for grappling at the sword and reasonably energetic sparring. The swords are generally nylon wasters rather than steel (although there are some HEMA groups who do steel, too). The nylon allows an amount of give that steel does not, but with a definite edge alignment (which is less obviosu with SCA batons).

I attend a club in Guildford, and there are others in Ealing and closer into London. If you're interested, talk to Steve (above), and he can put you in contact with me (I'm not often on here any more :/ )
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Re: Experienced fighter looking for a society

Post by Ajax »

Cheers for the answers Martin and Ayliffe's Steve,

Travelling to Basingstoke is not a problem at all for me. I am open for even much longer distances, which I should have mentioned that in the previous post (Scotland unfortunatelly appears too far for the weekly trainings).

I have found this forum just recently and applied for BotN right away, but I guess they are currently receiveing lots of applications. In the meantime, I am glad to practice with pretty much anybody who is targeting BotN or would like to improve personal stats to the level of the international tournament rules.


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