Quiver question

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Quiver question

Post by SirUlf »

I need to get quiver I can use for longbow archery and suitable for the 15th century. Ideally I'd like an arrow bag, but oddly enough they all seem to be more expensive than a leather quiver, and come with the annoying spacer. How would you stick a broadhead into a small hole? It surely can't be £45 worth of material and labour to sew together a canvas tube tied up at one end? If anyone has a pattern I'll make one myself, or a good suggestion for a good value one (without spacer).

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Re: Quiver question

Post by Phoenix Rising »

Not got a pattern for it, but I was in the same position as you a few months ago. At the risk of starting a 'spacer needed' or a 'spacer not needed' debate I went down the former route and made one myself, for a lot less cost than buying one. Simply went to the local market (durham) and got a couple of metres of calico (couldn't find canvas but would have used it if I could have done), then took the length of my arrows and added a bit to the length of the material to give a 'fold down' over the fletchings to protect them.

I then proceeded to sew a bag in a roughly tubular shape, sewing in a bottom made of a sandwich of two layers of calico with a couple of leather discs in between (to make sure the tips didn't pierce the bottom), added a drawstring top to the overlap and a carrying strap, and 'voila', one arrow bag.

Could have split the overlapping material from the drawstring to the bottom of the feltchings to clear them, but oddly enough they don't seem to come to any harm with me just simply pulling the calico down around them to leave them free for use.

Hope that may help.


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