war of 1812 americans at "battle of the nations"

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war of 1812 americans at "battle of the nations"

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hello all we are deploying a american unit on the french side on purpose the reason the event is called "battle of nations" is becuase we want to show as much diversity as possible in england even the most bored child will be able to eventually remember that we fought the french and probably also remember Waterloo
but not everybody realises we were fighting in america, canada, india, the caribean, south america and many more places than that so each year whe try to get as many units from different countries to come to show thier side of the battle we already have spanish, prussian and with the aid of the 41st and the UK war of 1812 society american unit

what this long winded post is about is that american unit im asking for anybody who is uk based and has considered doing a american impression or has bits of kit or anything of that sort please come down to the event if your already commited but with either a british or french unit we would still like you to come wear your standard kit and change just before the battle

if your not part of unit who is coming or a lone renactor please emial me privately here on the group and we will see what we can do about getting you down

thanks Elton Waters 50th Foot

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