Roma Antigua?

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Roma Antigua?

Post by Metella »

I came across this group at an event at the Darlington Steam Museum a month or so ago (missed them at Binchester, sadly), and was wondering if anybody has any contact information about them? I'd been speaking to one or two of the members for a while, with an interest in joining at some point, but I can't find anything from running the name through Google.
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Re: Roma Antigua?

Post by Hobbitstomper »

Obsolete, overweight steam bags? The scream of worn joints as ancient machines struggle to get up a slight hill? Primed to explode at any minute from high internal pressure and years of abuse? Could be any re-enactment group.

If it was Saxons then it was probably Regia Anglorum:

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Re: Roma Antigua?

Post by oakenshield »

iam sure they where at sedgefield medieval festival 2 years ago and they told me that they where the resident group at binchester so if you havent already it might be worth giving binchester a ring they may have what you need
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Re: Roma Antigua?

Post by 40/- freeholder »

Try spelling it Roma Antiqua. I think Antigua is an island in the West Indies!

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Re: Roma Antigua?

Post by purple peril »

If they're the Binchester lot, then I'm fairly sure they're in/near Redcar.

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Re: Roma Antigua?

Post by John Waller »

Roma Antiqua
Roman Period Re-enactment Group based in NE England
Displaying a range of different features of both Roman Life and Warfare
Robert Fenwick
8 Owton Close
TS25 3AD

Their website ita nota work.
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