Rum tasting Lulworth 09

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Rum tasting Lulworth 09

Postby Cat » Wed May 27, 2009 6:59 pm

As promised, xcuse format!

Fox: El Dorado 15 Y.O. Christmas! Chilli aftertaste. You want to be playing cards and knocking this back. Lost promised land- should stay that way! (Very few comments on actual taste, but caused most arguments...the ‘popular yeast extract’ of the session!) 8/10

Cat and Bucket: Diplomatico 2007 Treacle. Oh Yeah! Tastes like history. I could be friends with that. Nice round flavour-melts on your tongue. Vanilla ice cream. Needs a big fat Cuban cigar. (This was very popular with people who don’t think they like rum. It also won the tasting,on penalties.) 8.5/10

Jalea: Angostura 8 Y.O. Kick-harsh. Plastic-y aftertaste. Like smoking a vanilla pod. Smells of advocaat. Coffee. A bantamweight in a heavyweight competition. 5/10

Jalea: Doorlys XO Brandy aftertaste. Woody aftertaste. Feels thick for a rum. A rough diamond. I’ve still got my fillings! Like a woody October. Fiery. Goddam! 6.5/10

Mushy Marrafat: Antiga 5 Y.O. Smooth. The accountant of rums. Not bad but not good. Bland. Smooth but unoriginal. Magnolia! 7/10

Andrea: Tesco’s Value Burns my tongue. AWOOO! Ah, Jeezus! Its mother loves it. Cheap brandy. I’d rather drink Metaxa. Furniture cleaning rum. (It was widely agreed that it smelled not unlike purple meths.) 2/10

Andrea: Pampero Anniversario Salty. Now that’s nice. Black coffee/caramel. Belgian bitter chocolate. Angry! Peaty taste but rounder. If it was a loose lady I’d marry it! 7.5/10

Louise: Pusser’s 15 Y.O. Smells of wet wool/old socks. Tastes of toffee and nicotine, sweet. That’s why I never used to like rum. My lips have gone numb! 6.5/10

Tall Paul: Appleton’s 8 Y.O. Jeez! I prefer the Tesco one. Suddenly attacks you. A youth trying too hard. Yuk. Stag-do drink. (It reminded N!x, bizarrely, of his ‘first time’.) 5/10

Craig: Papagayo Organic Interesting edge. Good flavour. Like a Hussite missionary-converts you whether you want it or not. Strict but fair. Jamaican stripper. The England of the Eurovision of rum! (Can you tell that we are well on through the tasting, and that very few have been spitting?) 8.5/10

Andrea: Pyrat XO Reserve Citrus overtones. Strong Southern Comfort. Subtle mandarin undertones. Marmalade. Apricots. Dessert rum. Chinese takeaway. I feel I’m eating a citrus orchard. Cointreau and rum. 7/10

Alex: Anon, but in a pretty barrel. Not very strong. Smells of sweet onions. Bananas. Soapy. Nice, but not rum.
(Alex, what was it?) 5/10

Anon (Caroline?): Trinidadian Golden Smooth, then kicks you in the face. Mild aroma and flavour, vicious aftertaste. 6/10

Anon: Mount Gay Eclipse Tastes cold! (Most of us thought this.) No taste. Stealth rum. Sweet veneer, saccharine undertones. 6/10

And HOW hard did the Rum Fairy hit me with her big stick of pain...? :lol: You get biscuits and everything.
A'Stanley A'Stanley!

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