New Resource on the Middle Ages

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New Resource on the Middle Ages

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We are trying to compile an encyclopaedia of basic knowledge and fresh research (particularly through reconstructive archaeology) on aspects of the Middle Ages.

This is very new, and there's plenty of content to be added, but were hoping this will be a useful resource for reenactors, living history enthusiasts and all others interested in the period, and a repository for fresh research never before seen in the public domain.

Can you help?
In order to get this site on the map, and make it flourish into an accessible and useful resource for all, we need people to spread the word (or link) elsewhere (though please never spam). We also need regular traffic so the site will be recognised by search engines; why not follow the site via Google acc? We welcome constructive comments on all content, and welcome suggestions for improvement, or for new content ideas.
Thanks for your support.
Aed Thompson, Thegn of Merca

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