Evidence or Discussions of "blued" weapons

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Evidence or Discussions of "blued" weapons

Post by Freebeard »

Hello there,
I am just wondering if anyone here can refer me to any discussions on weapons being described as 'blue', in articles, journals, books etc.

does anyone have any reference to a historical literary source (saga, tale etc) that is not from Ireland?

I have a feeling it might be either be very polished iron, or oil quenched (?) iron/steel?. (or so i have been told).
I do need a written reference though.

i would greatly appreciate it if anyone can shed light on this kind of discussion.
I cannot come across any reference in my own little library :(

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Post by Hobbitstomper »

Put blue steel or blue iron in the search box on


The blue is probably not a chemical blue but the oxide you get on polished steel when you heat it to the right temperature for tempering. You can get all the colours of the rainbow - each corresponding to a different temperature and so hardness.

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Post by rich25034328 »

Lots of references to black blades in Highland legends too.

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Re: Evidence or Discussions of "blued" weapons

Post by gregory23b »

Although later than the timeframe you are looking at, there was a horse armour in the Charles the Bold exhibition that had chemical staining of the metal, it was a blue black colour and very crude, early 16thc IIRC.
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