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Pepys Ballads - online facsimiles 1500 onwards

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 6:15 pm
by Kate Tiler
One of my favourite sites for seeing actual ballad sheets has long been the Oxford Bodleian Library broadsheet ballads website, well now this has a rival!

A fantastic site - from the little I've read so far it is ongoing, but they already have a number of texts scanned and also reproduced using modern text but using the same layout & leavinng the decorations & illustrations intact, so that you can actually use it as music without having to be quick thinking where the f's and s's are concerned!

This example shows the original scanned, cropped page for a song about a mercer: ... p?id=20007

on the left you can see a series of options, including the citation, which tells you what the published date was, the subject, how it scans, what the original tune was etc: ... p?id=20007

and then there is the facsimile transcription, which is the modern, clearly written text: ... p?id=20007

There are even some ballads which have music recorded for the song.

I'm off to rumage some more!

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 7:08 pm
by sally
splendid :D

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 8:58 pm
by Cream-T
Yay! Excellent! :D