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Minstrels' Court and beginners bagpipes workshop

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:17 am
by Tom H
The Minstrels' Court will be held at St John's Church, Chester, on Saturday 25th June 2011, 11am-4pm, it's a great medieval music event, and free. There are more details on the events page, but thought musicians would be interested to hear that we've also managed to arrange the loan of several sets of single drone bagpipes from members of the Bagpipe Society in order to offer taster sessions to anyone considering trying out this instrument or learning more. We'll be running them throughout the day, according to demand, so please come to discover this wonderful instrument which was so popular in medieval England.

For really keen musicians, the following day after the Minstrels' Court, the Blackden Trust, which is near Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, will be hosting an afternoon of music from 14th - 20th centuries, performed on appropriate instruments of the time. This takes place in the timber-framed Old Medicine House at their site and will explore the music that could have been heard there through the lifetime and varied uses of the building. This event at Blackden will be led by Richard York, and will also include chances to try out some of the instruments. It costs £20, and includes lunch and a tour of the house and gardens, more info at