anglo-saxon songs sung

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anglo-saxon songs sung

Post by benmoule »

Any of you wise people know of recordings of any anglo-saxon songs sung in anglo-saxon?



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Re: anglo-saxon songs sung

Post by bigrich72 »

There is a I tunes pod cast off loads of the AS stuff sung in old english.

I'm not sure about songs like the wayfarer or seafarer


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Re: anglo-saxon songs sung

Post by busy mole »

Don't know if this is any use Sound of the sutton Hoo Harp ... d&pageno=6

we have this it is in modern and old english. In terms of songs as such very little survives more the stories and sagas that may have been sung but how is a good question
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Re: anglo-saxon songs sung

Post by ChaseAED »

Peter Horn; the creator of the above CD, is a friend, and one of the foremost experts on the Saxon hearpe. He has concluded that the 6 stringed harp would be tuned to a minor pentatonic scale that allows strumming and short melodies to accompany poetry and storytelling. Bone whistles from this period also have a limited range indicating they probably werent sung to. However, Pictish carvings from the same period clearly show musicians with many-stringed Irish style harps with ranges to match the human singing voice; if the Saxons utilised them remains unclear. It looks as though the Saxons preferred poetry to song, but literary evidence and common sense say they must have sung sometimes.

For songs, old folk tunes would be your best bet. Alternatively you could try translating something into old English or composing new songs in Old English, possibly using poetry like Beowulf or the Battle of Maldon as a source?
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