Hammered Dulcimer

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Hammered Dulcimer

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Would anyone know of anywhere to find some info on building a (preferably early) hammered dulcimer? I'm asking on behalf of an Italian fb friend who's with a 12th C group there, so web sources MIGHT be better.

Because there would have to be three of them.

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Re: Hammered Dulcimer

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Hi - you've probably found out all you need to know by now, but if not this site might be useful:
http://www.hop2.co.uk/dir/index.php/Art ... e_your_Own

Also check out the Renaissance Workshop Company: http://www.masterkit.com/rwc/.

Hope you find something useful. Incidentally, the hammered form of the psaltery-type instrument was I think little know in western Europe until towards the end of the middle ages, although well-known in the east. It was more usual in western Europe to pluck the psaltery, with a quill (most likely) or fingers. However, your friend being Italian could possible claim some Byzantine influence and use hammers! For plucked psaltery kits go to Renaissance Workshop or the Early Music Shop.


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Re: Hammered Dulcimer

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As Wogan used to say: "I wish to be closely associated with the remarks of the previous speaker".

All the 12th century sources I have seen show psalterys/dulcimers being played with a quill or two, or with the fingers - but these are all Anglo-Norman and I have no idea what was happening around the Med. On the other hand there was much interaction at the time between Normans in Normandy and England and those in the Kingdom of Sicily (which included about half of the Italian mainland) , so you would expect any such musical developments to have spread rapidly. The absence of such spread may point to hammered instruments other than bells not yet being in vogue.
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Re: Hammered Dulcimer

Post by dexa »

I have just joined so this may be no longer useful. I have a student hammered dulcimer that I no longer need. It cost me £250 but I am happy to sell for less. It has a small crack that affects three tuning pegs but they stay in tune but long term it may need sorting out.
It is a 3 course one, so less sweet and harder to keep in tune than my more professional version. But cheap and good to learn on, I got going really quickly.
Contact me at voxpopontheroad@yahoo.co.uk. i have some pics somewhere. I'll be putting it on ebay this august if you're not interested. Cheers Dexa

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Re: Hammered Dulcimer

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This site may be of some help: - plans for a hammered dulcimer.


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Re: Hammered Dulcimer

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I have one you can take away for £100
weighs a ton, needs attention, but obvious good quality
I might be in the gutter....but I'm still looking up at the takeaway !.

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