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For sale: Late Medieval glaive-head.

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:21 pm
by Stuart Quayle
I offer for sale a very nice, hand-forged, WOTR replica of a late Medieval glaive-head (the head is socketed ready for hafting on to an Ash pole). The cutting edge is rebated but the tip is as you can see in the photos, highly pointed. A rock solid glaive-head made by a Polish armourer some years back and very nicely made and decorated with a series of 8 punched circle rosettes either side of the blade and a triskele (three-legs) armourer mark.

The blade measures 18 inches long, the overall length is 24 inches and the measurement across the back spine of the blade where it joins the socket is almost 1/4 inch across - sturdy. The blade width then tapers down to a point. Some very minor black spot tarnishing to one side of the blade.
Price: £40

Postage to the UK mainland will be an additional £8. Feel free to send me a PM for any further info.

Regards Stuart