Early Saxons in Suffolk

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Early Saxons in Suffolk

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Stowacyn, the re-enactors of the Friends of West Stow - www.weststow.org

We have a very specific time period, 410 to 650, so we're heathen/pagan. We have a whole reconstructed village to play with with a weaving shed, craft house and main hall.

We do daily life, spinning, weaving, carving, cooking, metal working in the forge. There's no evidence of battles here so it's all living history.

We also have make do and mend weekends, building things for the village. This year's project is a new bread oven. Really useful if you have non re-enacting partners to bring along. There's always something to do in the garden.

Costumes for this period are pretty easy to make, being tunics and trousers for the chaps and a basic shift with a peplos for the women. One of our members makes brooch clasps which he sells ridiculously cheaply.

We have evidence specific to the site from Dr Stanley West's report of the archeological excavation which is available from the museum shop but, in all honesty, no-one expects you to be an expert. The public ask questions like 'is this before or after the Romans?'

We either camp or stay in the houses. The mead drinking is purely in the interests of research!

Our next planned re-enactment w/e is November 2015 for Yule. We also join in with other groups who re-enact in the village.
Drop me a PM and I'll pass info on to our glorious leader.

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