HYW/Archery Groups in London/Herts?

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John Turton
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HYW/Archery Groups in London/Herts?

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Hi all,

having spent the last few years making the gradual transition from field archery, through a growing interest in the history/use of the longbow by the English/Welsh in the middle ages, to shooting English longbows at silly poundages, I find that I'm accumulating quite a bit of kit along the way, done a few show and tell sessions at local fairs/fetes and am now starting to think about the possibility of joining a re-enactmernt and/or or Living History demonstration group that have an interest in the Hundred Years War period. Does anyone on here have any ideas who I might contact in this regard across the N.London/Hertfordshire areas?

Thanks in advance for your time and any advice you can offer me guys and gals :wink:

John T. :D

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