14th Century Re-enactment Group in North Lincolnshire

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14th Century Re-enactment Group in North Lincolnshire

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Hi there guys,

We have just set up recently a 14th Century re-enactment group in North Lincolnshire, we have done some very small events at Elsham Hall in North Lincolnshire, we have a archery range, some longbows, training swords etc and we are looking for like minded people with a passion for 14th century history to get involved!

Our emphasis is mainly on 1360-1400 loosely based on Routiers that were actually very prevalent throughout the Hundred Years War, this gives us a lot of scope for interpretation and flexibility for roles within the group too.

We only have a handful of members but are a very relaxed bunch of people with an emphasis for authenticity as much as one can using period references, artwork and archaeological examples and making do where necessary until progression of kit is achieved.

If you have some 14th century kit or would like to give it a go and your not too far from North Lincolnshire then feel free to e-mail us at knightofengland@hotmail.co.uk

Cheers, Dave!

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Re: 14th Century Re-enactment Group in North Lincolnshire

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