Samhain Welsh Medieval Society

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Samhain Welsh Medieval Society

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My name is Chris Baglin and I am the chair of the curiously named Samhain Welsh Medieval Society, we are having our AGM on the 22nd of this month. That's November, or Samhain if you will. If you are North Wales/Marches based we would be interested in hearing from you, why not get in touch here or PM me!

This is by way of being my State of the Nation address. (No delusions of grandeur here). This year has been a good one for us, it has long been our USP that we are not a fighting group, we focus on everyday life and diversions of the 14th century in Wales and the marches. We have medicine, weaving, family life, monks, scribes, men at arms, children, archers, games and puppets. This has opened unconventional avenues to us such as churches and shrines, and we have performed medieval puppetry from Tatton Park's Midsummer to the Greenfield Valley, at The Minstrels' Court and the unveiling of a statue to Saints. The have-a-go archery was popular with the punters (although not quite so with British Rail).

WLTM Like minded people to join our happy troupe, to help us expand into new and interesting aspects of medieval life. We aim to be an everyday tale of medieval folk. It's kept the Archers going for over sixty years so why not us :D

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