Herne Bay/ Canterbury Reenactment group wanting members!

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Herne Bay/ Canterbury Reenactment group wanting members!

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Hello there! there is a reenactment group in herne bay, canterbury, that is after members! it already has a few but if any more than two members get sick then they are in trouble, not being able to put on a show bigger than a couple of guys, they are after men and women to help in various ways! whether it's labour when on trips, cooking, smithing, wood working, leather working or just fighting!

The group is called EKHO, It stands for "East Kent Historical Organisation" and is a very well known and respectable organization going back years, perhaps even decades.
The group have been on TV and in many newspapers, you may have heard of or even watched the battle that took place in faversham http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01jzp12

here is their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/EKHO-Eas ... 3494943640

they reenact everything from 6th century to 16th century (dark age to medieval) and are a real blast to be around, to know more email me at Servare@hotmail.co.uk or the leader of the group: ekho@talktalk.net

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Re: Herne Bay/ Canterbury Reenactment group wanting members!

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Welcome to the forum KnightDavid, I've put a copy of this thread through to "Societies " too, where people go to look for groups in their area.
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