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Moment in Time
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Nationally Based Group

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A Moment in Time continues to attract the cream of the re-enacting world to assemble displays which offer closer interaction for both visitors and participants alike.

Our members make the time to talk and discuss the period of history they portray with our visitors, something that is not always possible to do at large scale re-enactment events. This friendly approach to events is at the very heart of A Moment in Time and leads to a much more enjoyable adventure through history.

If you would like to try something different in historical portrayal, as part of a group covering many periods, ideas, come and have a look at us.
You can be the Lord of the Manor, the peasant, the General, the lowly foot soldier, a Dark Age warrior, the mechanised cavalry of WW2, a craftsman, a labourer ... the list goes on. Our only criteria is that what you portray is faithful and accurate to the impression portrayed and within the Laws of the Land. Perhaps I should also add we strive to ensure all particpants both members, sponsors and the public we encounter all have an enjoyable experiance to remember for an age to come.

Check out our website below and we can also be found on facebook
Andy Hopwood

Executive Officer Moment In Time (Living History Association)

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Re: Nationally Based Group

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Having done a few events with MIT - I am defiantly impressed with their approach to living history and how they interact with the public. Superb stuff -- a real gem on the Living History events circuit, always friendly and approachable and top quality displays ! :D
---as a good barometer --- they impressed my missus ! :rock:
I might be in the gutter....but I'm still looking up at the takeaway !.

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Re: Nationally Based Group

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And I hope to be able to get a few more people interested when I go to Carmarthenshire and hand out information on behalf of Moment of Time (and if there is anyone who is already a member and fancies having a natter with either a 17th century Musketeer cadet, an Englishman who fought with the Union army at Gettysburg or a Victorian gentleman on the major issues of the day as I have not entirely worked out which I am going as you will be more than welcome.

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