looking for a group in Guernsey

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Sam Blincoe
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looking for a group in Guernsey

Postby Sam Blincoe » Sat Jan 11, 2014 3:45 pm


I am a part of a 14th century group at the moment, however I am moving to Guernsey in the next few years and I am wanting to continue my hobby on the island so wanting to see what reenactment happens there.

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Sam Blincoe

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Re: looking for a group in Guernsey

Postby AndyandHelen » Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:41 pm

I'm in Guernsey already. My kit is more 15th century. I did a medieval life event with my former employer St Sampsons high and you can have a look at the results (on this website too in photo section). Here on the island there is GHIAC the History in action company which is very drama based and also very much on the 'that'll do look' they are mainly retired folk, all very nice and friendly. As well as that there is a LARP society called Toll Galen who do various things, some being reasonably regular meet ups where they practice assorted moves from Tallhoffer although they are more 12th century in look. I did get a couple of students interested and they fancy doing 100 years war but despite my best efforts they still resisted buying proper shoes, preferring to buy swords, crossbows etc. anyway pm me if you want. We have a living history festival around Easter, I'll give Jo and Jason a heads up about you if you want.
(Oh as regards me, I'm in Nesfields retinue. I recreate a surgeon OR foot oik, I am toying with establishing an Islands only group based on Richard Harlistons (he was sent with the fleet to Guernsey) raising of the militias on Guernsey to take back Jersey in 1468, I already tend to base everything done around that premise anyway, that way I with my yorkshiremannerisms get away with my non donkey ways)

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