82nd Airborne (UK) 1967-70

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82nd Airborne (UK) 1967-70

Post by 82aad »

The 82nd Airborne is the UK's newest Vietnam Living History Group. We are spread throughout the UK and offer exciting re-enactment and living history prospects to Men and Women. We Live the period of 1967-70 as an airborne Rifle platoon and are inviting likeminded individuals to do the same.

We offer:
-Training and advancement opportunities.
-Chances to learn new skills, military and period related.
-An opportunity to meet new people and gain remarkable friendships
-A friendly and helpful group atmosphere.
-The best advice on kit and equipment.
-The chance to take part in battle re-enactment, displays and exhibitions.

We require:
-People with a passion for history, specifically the war in South-East Asia.
-People who are willing to learn
-People with a sense of Humour!

We Currently have vacancies for the following:
-Riflemen (Male, aged 18-50)
-Designated Marksman (As above)
-Medics (As Above)
-Radio Telephone Operators (As above)
-Nurses (Female, aged 18-50)
-Correspondents (Male or Female, aged 18 or over.)

If interested, either PM me here or email recruiting@82aad.co.uk

Visit our website at http://www.82aad.co.uk or our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/82aad

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Re: 82nd Airborne (UK) 1967-70

Post by gbaker111 »

Today at 12:45 AM

Hey there 82nd

I am interested in joining, and following conversations with Anthony Barker, would like to apply for an application for rifleman or radio telephone operator (if this is includes doing field work with a rifle). I am quite passionate about the subject and have had the previous 3 years with the OTC and TA units both in and out of Kent. I am also interested in the War and Peace event, as it is near my uni, although I am currently unsure about events in August as they may clash with my MA Dissertation deadlines.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Graeme Baker

p.s., although I have field uniform and protection, I currently do not have a rifle or period tent but I do have a modern tent, does this matter?

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