Great War Royal Field Artillery

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Great War Royal Field Artillery

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Hi All,

We are a new group called the Royal Field Artillery 1914-18 and we depict the gunners of the Great War. We are a small group of local re-enactors in the North East and at present we depict a mid war heavy trench mortar crew. 2013 will be our first proper year eventing with a replica 9.45" heavy trench mortar but we also have plans to expand, forming a field gun or howitzer crew with an artillery piece and a forward observation team. Our mortar (as will be our field pieces) is a non-firing replica and we utilise pyrotechnics to simulate firing to good effect.

Most of our events are North with occasional excursions further afield. We are on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers to join us in portraying gun crews, drivers, munitions workers, first aid and nursing staff, and civilians. We are a family friendly group with roles for both men and women. Due to the nature of Great War re-enacting we conform to gender roles and do not partake of cross dressing (well not at events anyway, what you do in the comfort of your own home is no-one else's business).

Our website is still under construction but if anyone would be interested i joining us or having us at an event we can be contacted via e-mail at

Thanks for reading,

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Re: Great War Royal Field Artillery

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nice to see another group setting up, especially artillery.
welcome to the world of WW1 re enactment
Steve (Lancashire hussars)
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Re: Great War Royal Field Artillery

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Good man Rob
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Re: Great War Royal Field Artillery

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Sounds good, great-grandfather was a mountain gunner in WW1, will be in touch
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Re: Great War Royal Field Artillery

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Welcome! Look forward to seeing the group in action.


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