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Archer Company

Postby Squire John » Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:15 am

Hi All,
I've been asked by Sean Deveruex of Northen Men at Arms and formally Lord Deverux's Retinue to set up a company of Archers for Northen Men at Arms in the North of England. We will work as a branch off group wearing the Deveruex colours and at times will team up with the main group from the East Midlands who'll have Billmen and a few knights as well as Sean (as Lord Walter Devereux). I'll put the group's web page up as soon as it's been activated so if anyone's interested let me know and I'll arrange a meeting. We do mainly War of the Roses but also will do other periods. If anyone's interested then please either comment or PM me and I'll respond as soon as I can also Non-com roles are also open so if you're a leather worker or a habdasher then you're welcome to join.
Also forgot to mention the Deverux colours we'll be wearing are Red and White with a golden horseshoe as the Livery Badge.
Uniform is basic, Padded Jack
Helmet (kettle helm or visorless salet or skull cap),
max. of 2 Bows (1 to use 1 spare).
Shirt, Hose, Doublet and basic cap for men.
2 Dresses (1 for wearing 'round camp and for church events the other to wear on the battlefeild), headress of anyform for women.
Also for Both Men and Womean a Woollen cloak to wear 'round camp in the Rain and Winter (either with attached hood or hood seperate)

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