Looking for new members

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Looking for new members

Post by Robertson »

Hi my name is Barry me and my wife have started a new gruop in Sompting west sussex we are looking for like minded poeple to become new menbers of the group to re-enact as Crusader or Saracens and depict there camp life,food,clothing,medicine and fighting shows.

if there is any one interested for more details please leave a message.


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Re: Looking for new members

Post by ForTheMarshal »

I think we need to talk.... being "Crusade" and all that! :P

If you have skype or trust an internet stranger with your phone number, please PM me. If not, no sweat, we can chat by PM.

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PM me if you have any questions or want to join/work with us

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Re: Looking for new members

Post by Bad Viking »

It is a bit of a stretch from the sunny midlands - however we attend events all over the uk and some in Ireland, and can have you as our guests whenever / wherever, we are an easy going bunch with a focus mainly on the living history of the Knights Hospitaller of the second crusade/ third crusade rather than combat - we still do combat - but you get crash bang wallop everywhere ! :D


and our main Fb page

https://www.facebook.com/groups/2422740 ... rk_t=group

Deus Vult. :D
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Re: Looking for new members

Post by Tod »

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