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Groups in Cambridge

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i came to live in England like 3 months ago,before coming to UK i was in Viking reenactment group back in Lithuania,even i wasn't long in that group (maybe like year) and i was 16 years old ,they let me fight with other members of the group,and with some other groups members,mostly for fun or just to ''test'' me , but not on tournaments,though.we had trainings like 3 times a week,so they teached me basic stuff and some tricks,tips,etc.
the point is,are there any Viking,or medieval reenactment groups here in Cambridge city?the only kind of transportation i have is bicycle for now,and i have some gear too: Helmet,clothes(pants,tunic,both mane from linen)and couple accessories.
and i want to ask one question how is fighting here in UK-do you mostly act that you fight and your sword hits are just only touching enemy or you really fight that when you get hit you feel pain and etc.? ,because here in Lithuania on events or tournaments i never saw anyone acting on battle but fighing for real
and question 2 do rules here accepts hitting to the head(not face obviously)
and question 3 are my parents have to look up after me all the time?because back in Lithuania no one actually cared for parent permission

thank you for answers
(and sorry if bad grammar)

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Re: Groups in Cambridge

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Hello Edgar,

First off, welcome to the boards.
I have sent you a PM with contact details of our man in Cambridge (well, St Neots). Drop him a line, and he might be able to help you out.

Click the image below for our website vvv
PM me if you have any questions or want to join/work with us

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