The Living History Radio Station

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1940s UK Radio
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The Living History Radio Station

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This may be of interest to you. There is a new internet radio station launching on 1st April 2012 called Living History Radio. It is dedicated to the spoken word in the form of documentaries, drama and audio books/short stories. It is not restricted to any particular period in time, featuring programmes either from the past or about the past. The past is anywhere from 10 years ago right the way through to ancient history. Further information can be found at

Also for those of you that are interested in the 1930s and the 1940s the UK 1940s Radio Station provides the music and news sound bites from the period and can be found at http:

Lynda Moncaster
Producer, Living History Radio

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Re: The Living History Radio Station

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What a good idea.

I can say that I will be interested in everything and may not be available when something interesting is on is there a way to download article to list at a more convenieint time?
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